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Smartwill's CRM Achievements

Smartwill is a group of CRM professionals who design relationships between companies and their customers, creating new value that leads to innovations in business structure.

“BoCRM” is a condensed and packaged version of the CRM know-how and methods that we have been providing for over 15 years to more than 100 leading companies in the retail and service industries, including luxury, high quality, prestigious brands and highly trusted companies.

This is the “CRM Basics.”

Clienteling CRM Tools

Clienteling CRM Tools BoCRM

CRM for Luxury Brand Services



Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is more than just implementing tools and communicating with customers.
It is a selective and focused approach in management to identify top customers who match the company's strategy,
build medium- to long-term relationships, and increase both customer satisfaction and corporate earnings.

the Basics of future

CRM. Who are the top customers for your brand?
Are you delivering the information that these quality customers are looking for in the right way?

  • What is CRM?

    Collect, manage, analyze, and leverage customer data
    to improve business results through
    improved customer contact processes.

  • What is clienteling?

    Focus on individual customers and specialize in
    providing customized services and
    customer experience (CX).


In order to implement clienteling CRM

Customer information is centralized and advanced CRM analysis is
used to deepen customer understanding and increase the retention rate per customer.


Why BoCRM?

Through our CRM consulting service, which has a proven track record of reliability,
we will define your customer and communication strategies, and design and build a CRM system based on these strategies.

Companies that have implemented BoCRM have succeeded in producing steady results, with SMS senders achieving an average of 58% of in-store purchases, and in another case, achieving a sales target of over 123%. *Achievements since the service started in June 2022


BoCRM is based on the strategy established in the consulting phase,
and the ideal system configuration is created
by adding options and customizations to the basic package.

The basic package is designed to be a complete package that can be used to prepare basic CRM activities.

Build an appropriate CRM system after clarifying what kind of customer information
will be obtained and how the information will be utilized.



Strong support from CRM strategy consultants
who know the customer experience inside and out

After building a CRM system that fits your company's CRM strategy,
Smartwill will identify operational bottlenecks and outsource operational functions
to achieve strategic and efficient cost reductions.
This allows companies to focus on developing CRM strategies that they should be working on.


Best Use Cases for BoCRM in Different